All our house clearances are tailored to your needs and preferences.  We can clear everything, right down to the carpets and lino, or can take most items leaving behind only what you wish to keep or deal with yourself.  We understand the sensitive nature these jobs often have and work to make things as quick, easy, affordable and comfortable as possible for you.

We strive to reuse/rehome as much as possible so as not to send your memories to waste, but to a good home.  In some instances, we may find personal belongings such as money, photographs, jewellery or a will.  Items such as these are returned to you.  Any documents that you wish to have destroyed can be dealt with accordingly.  We can also arrange to have the property professionally cleaned for an extra cost.


As a small business, we can keep our costs to a minimum; we work efficiently, saving us time and you money, and there is no VAT to pay.

We price house clearances competitively and fairly.  Whilst every house clearance is different, the basic formula is fairly simple.  Our costs are added up, in terms of time, fuel, van cost and waste disposal, but you also get money back for many items with a sell on value. Depending on the individual job and the contents of the house, you may owe us or we may owe you.


We aim to reuse or rehome as much as possible of what we take.  Different items go to different places:
• Directly sold on – some items such as furniture and white goods may be sold on as they are, and this can put money back in your pocket
• Recovered/restored/upcycled and sold on – sometimes things need a little TLC before they can be loved in a new home
• Given to charity – We give any unopened, in-date packet or tinned food to food banks for no extra cost.  Clothes and some items of furniture may also be passed on
• Sold at auction – we take some of the smaller items such as kitchen equipment, games, DVDs etc to auction
• Unfortunately, some items cannot be salvaged and we take these to a commercial waste transfer station.  We are registered with the Environment Agency as a waste carrier.


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